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The openSUSE Build Service is the public instance of the Open Build Service (OBS) used for development of the openSUSE distribution and to offer packages from same source for Fedora, Debian, Ubuntu, SUSE Linux Enterprise and other distributions..

Please find further details of this service on our wiki pages

This instance offers a special package search interface. Users of any distribution can search there for built packages for their distribution. For developers it is an efficient place to build up groups and work together through its project model.

System Status
Eduardo Navarro's avatar enavarro_suse wrote 1 day ago

We have started to document OBS API using OpenAPI and Swagger UI. Have a look to the new "API Documentation Remake" blog post, and let us know what you think: https://openbuildservice.org/2021/01/26/api-documentation-remake/

Lukas Krause's avatar krauselukas wrote 8 days ago

There will be some maintenance work tomorrow (21-01-2021) between 08:00 - 13:00 UTC on the identity provider used by build.opensuse.org. During parts of that time, no user updates (creation, password changes, etc) will be possible. Authentication should still be up, but be aware of potential login problems during this time frame.

Lukas Krause's avatar krauselukas wrote about 2 months ago

We revisited the action links in the left side navigation in the beta program. Checkout our latest blog post for more details: https://openbuildservice.org/2020/12/03/revisit-actions-left-side-navigation/

Adrian Schröter's avatar adrianSuSE wrote 2 months ago

System is back, just some backlog to process....

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